Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stomping Ground

This is a picture of Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, where I run. It's 3 seconds from where I work, so I run there pretty much exclusively. I see dolphins (ok, porpoise), rays, ducks, pelicans, manatees, oh, and runners & walkers & bikers :)

This route has been part of my happy runner strategy. Even if my time is bad, I've still had a beautiful run. I ran before work last night, and did 2 miles at 12:12 avg pace - which is good for me. My goal is to average around there for the marathon in January. I just got off of six 12 hour night shifts in a row. I also just got my yoga DVDs in the mail, so there's NO excuse for me not to start a great regimen. Ok, I'll start after I sleep!

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