Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Karma and Kismet

I ended up clicking a link to this blog while reading and old blog post of DC Rainmaker . Oh, how life comes full circle.  Since I updated this blog (I spent a bit of time over on a separate blog, but really feel drawn back to this original.) so much has happened, but I am in a similar emotional and physical place currently - a bit off of my true self, but ever optimistic. I am ready. One thing I've neglected in the past couple of years is sharing both my trials and victories in the hope that someone can benefit from them.

Per the last post, the training plan worked. Since 2010, I've done not only Ironman Arizona 2010, but Ironman Texas 2011, 2012 (2013 I was 37 weeks pregnant, had a kid that June), 2014 and Ironman Florida 2014. Throw in a couple marathons and the Dopey Challenge, and you'll get to the overtraining and rhabdomyolysis catastrophe also known as the Ironman Texas 2015 DNF at mile 14 of the "run". That catapulted me into the IMTX 2016 finish with good friend Patrick Lange awarding me my medal after winning that year. Bit of a grudge match, that one.

Let's hope a plan similar to the one that got me back from the overtraining, through TriTactics, of course, can bring me to a healthy start line in April. That and little help from the higher power - we always end up where we need to be. As Geneen Roth quips - AFGO (another effing growth opportunity).

I officially became a Certified Sports Nutritionist in 2014 and worked with a doc office and independently, and had the opportunity to speak at the International Society of Sports Nutrition annual conference.

However, I'd stopped coaching anyone except TriTactics athletes due to the emotional drain of helping clients who didn't share my goals for them.  After months of brainstorming and developing a true vision, I've created a new site and teamed up with Stacey Day to begin giving back again - workshops, online content and one-on-one coaching to help you on your wellness and nutrition journey. Good things are on the horizon...