Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knowing and Believing

I finally believe that I can do this Ironman thang. Yep, I did a century for the first time yesterday, with a 2 mile run afterward and it felt great. I'm actually more excited than fearful for the upcoming race!

There are also some ideas percolating regarding my future endeavors to support athletes and help them reach their goals. Those will likely come to fruition in December, after the boards and Thanksgiving. December is my business closing & opening month :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back in the saddle

Well this is an update. With 34 days to go, I've decided to separate my blogs, if for no other reason, that writing is therapeutic. My wordpress blog, found at www.ironmoe.com/blog , is officially diverted. I figure if writing helps me, well, why not really commit? Hmmmm, now for those of you who know me best, committing is, well, the easy part. Follow through (much like my golf swing) is the part where the best laid plans fall apart.

So this is me...
I'm doing Ironman Florida in 34 days. I bought a spiffy new Quintana Roo tri bike, that I am not strong enough to ride, even with tweaking, and oh, to mention, that I HATE EVERY BIKE SEAT I've tried on that darn bike. Dammit, I love that bike. Anyway, I got so fed up while on the Computrainer last week, I said "forget it, I'm so done with being in pain", walked out to the garage, grabbed my road bike off the wall, and left. It felt like I was a little kid again (well, actually better than that, because I was never really carefree as a kid). But anyway, you know what I mean. On the QR I was struggling to get comfortable and pull off 13 mph! I hopped onto my Specialized and did 15mph with very little effort, and that includes stoplights. It's a little late to be making huge changes like this, but I'm not really sure I have a choice - so road bike it is. I actually may leave my old comfy mountain shoes and pedals on it. They are easy, it's fun, and at this point, it's obvious I'm not about image. I can look great on my QR but if I only go 13 mph, that won't get me to my fun run at the end!!!