Saturday, October 11, 2008


I ran with Greg's Forerunner 305 today to see how accurate my Nike + ipod is. Well, bad news? It's not. Worse news? My pace is slower than I thought! It's slower than my first marathon!!! Jeez, I think it's the thrust-to-weight ratio. My muscles must not be strong enough to haul around my dead weight with any kind of speed. When I checked 2 months ago, my body fat percentage was high, around 28%. That seems to be my norm. My weight hasn't changed since then, unfortunately, and I'm too heavy for my 5 foot 4 inch frame. So, I have begun to track my food, to see what I'm actually fueling with. It's making me a little diet-y, like "oh crap, I'm already over where I want to be, so what the heck." That can get dangerous for me, so I'm writing about it and talking it over with people I can trust. I want to be lean, for the first time in my life.

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