Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not sick, just tired

I'm feeling really pathetic. I'm no longer sick, but feel dog tired. I finished up my three hard, hard months in a row, have an August coming up that for most people would be hard, but for me is just another month. Hey, when have I ever been normal?!? Ugh. Anyway, I am spending a couple weeks getting on track - a mentor meeting, 6 month eval (eek), finishing paperwork and writing an article long overdue, going to the doctors (you know, the family & girl types - can't take care of others if you can't take care of yourself), taking my dog to the vet, sitting for a licensing exam to practice in Texas, restarting on my dad's business if possible (having a server issue), and catching up with Suzie, Erin and Shana. Oh, yeah, and I'm working and training for the Goofy Challenge & my first triathlon. I started the Body for Life (BFL) plan - although it's a 12 week program I intend to finish twice, it's not a "body for 12 weeks plan!" - on July 28th, and that's been going well. Now that my trauma month is over, though, I need to step it up a bit. 20 minute cardio sessions are fine for weight loss, but not so good for event success (unless I do a one mile race, I suppose). I think I'm ditching the scale for a bit. One day at a time, by my fitness, not a number. Maybe I'll weigh myself every 4 weeks for BFL.

Right now, I'm heading out for a run. I think it's ninety something degrees outside, so it'll be a short one. I'm off, wish me luck...Oh, yeah, I make my own luck. I forgot.

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