Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Forget Tired

The Olympics inspire me. Let me be more specific...the swimming inspires me. Always has. I'm a swimmer first, a runner second (and now plan to be a bicyclist in a somewhat distant, frightening third). Here's my new bike to prove it!! --->

I like the women. I like their power. Their shoulders do not move after a flip turn as their cores power through the fly kick off the wall. Amazing. As I sat next to my husband and watched the 100 free men's semi-finals, I said "the women impress me. Men are made to be strong. Women make themselves strong, whether it be physically, emotionally or mentally. Men make themselves weak."

I haven't been able to watch much in the Olympics. Thank goodness for the web. I got home from my 12 step meeting at 9ish, which left me some time. Yes, time. Such a precious commodity. Time, energy. Power.

I am blessed with my physical ability. May I waste it no longer.

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Geewiz said...

So true. It seems like we as women have to work so hard just to stay in shape. My husband can lose 20 pounds in no time but me I really have to work hard at it. Keep up the good (hard) work.