Monday, December 28, 2009

You Can't Give Away What You Don't Have

So, after almost a month of horribly negative self talk, overeating, completely overdosing in sugar, and escaping my stress by eating, I feel horrible. Yeah, I can hear you "excusing" me already - "but it's the holidays, it's okay". Well, it's not. Not if I want to appreciate my body, use it to do good things and inspire others. How in the world am I supposed to tell people to nurture their bodies when I abuse mine daily, hourly? I'm not.

Wayne Dyer tells a story about his daughter not sharing her toys at a birthday party. She had just gotten the toys and hadn't even had time to enjoy them. She could not share those toys because they were not truly hers to give away - yet.

Yet. A powerful word. Just because my thoughts and actions up until today have not been altogether healthy, that does not mean that one week, one month, one year from now I have to fight the same battles I've fought for 25 years. I can change. I can help you change. But in order to do that, I have to have a leg to stand on, so to speak.

I don't make new year's resolutions. My birthday is just before, so instead I like to have "my year". I try to give myself a good birthday present, like a long run and a massage (this year's plan - the long run is a tradition these days, this is the 3rd year). Instead of expanding my coaching efforts, I am taking 2010 to work on Project M. I am keeping my current coaching efforts intact but not adding a significant time investment. I am writing my book. I am recreating my "glasses" through which I see the world. I am reshaping my body. I am redefining me.

Sounds like a grand adventure, doesn't it?



Book, did I hear book? What's with us IMFLers? Are we all writing books? I'm hoping to have mine out at the end of January.
Take it easy (but not too much :))

Barbara Rollins said...

Sounds like a VERY grand adventure. Let's get started! I'm along for the ride, looking forward to a wonderful journey to an unbelievable -- but totally achievable -- goal.

IronMoe said...

Mine certainly won't be out by January but I cannot wait to read yours!!!!! Keep me posted!!!

Sarah said...

I feel ya on this, very much. I'm thinking similar thoughts - and very much excited about my own journey this year. Cheers!