Monday, June 15, 2009

Triathlon, Food, Carpe Diem and such

“On your deathbed, you will have unread e-mail in your inbox.” - Alan Cohen
Love this quote! Ahhh, to be able to live in the moment. Huh, that sounds like a neat idea.
Yesterday Greg, Jayda and I (it was Jayda’s first) did the Dunedin sprint tri. It was Greg’s and my best sprint. Lots of fun (minus the sand on the run, come on, enough with the Florida beach runs already - I need some good asphalt path!)!!! Got to see Heather Gollnick in the midst of all of us lowlies. It was great :) I’m starting my new (well, old, really, but I’m going back to it) food plan based on Paul McKenna’s teachings. I just want to learn to listen to my body - I’m sure it knows what it needs way better than my head and heart do. I just have to be quiet long enough to hear it. In conjunction with a good IM training program that includes strength training of course, I think I’ll be able to finally lean down a bit. Alrighty - off to pack the house!

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