Monday, November 3, 2008

Fat Loss

Good morning everyone :)

I woke up, hungry, as usual, for my bowl of cereal. These days it's a Fiber One Honey Clusters kick. Anyhow, a month ago I weighed 143 lbs, which is down from my heaviest of 154 lbs. This particular heavy, from a career yo-yo-er, came after, yes AFTER running my second marathon. Are you serious? Ok, enough self flagellation. Either way, I haven't binged in 2 months and I've been tracking my food for about a month on I make sure I get enough protein that way. But, I digress. I woke up this morning, got on the scale and was frustrated. I'm 138lbs. So, 5 lbs down in a month. Not bad, really, but it's been rather stagnant. So, I decide to do my bodyfat (with the Omron bioelectric impedance). It's down 4 lbs (to 26.6%bf). So, I'm down 2% bodyfat. My goal is less than 20, but first and foremost to be able to do the Ironman. So I do the next right thing. I halt my frustration about UNquick weight loss, be happy about good solid fat loss and have a bowl of Honey Clusters.


Runner Leana said...

I hear you, it is so frustrating. I'm go below 160 for the first time in many, many years. Darn Halloween didn't exactly do much to help that! Good luck though, I'm sure we'll get there!

Kate said...

Slow is good when it comes to weight loss. I am also trying to lose, never could lose when training.