Saturday, June 26, 2010


Funny word, that. Commitment. In it's simplest definition, it is "a pledge to do." As of Friday, I have committed to doing Ironman Texas in May of 2011. It is right in our hometown of the last year, and hopefully many more, The Woodlands. This is six months to the day after Ironman Arizona. So far, I have committed to a training program that is much more aggressive than last year, and plan to continue this program through November. I am doing more, sooner, and more consistently. With any luck, and a lot of practice, it will translate to a finishing time with much longer than 17 seconds to spare.

Wish me luck ;)


Gregory said...

You'll do great!


Me too!!
Which bedroom do I get??
Should be a good race. Rollers around Montgomery County are nice and not too severe.

Jenny said...

You're going to kill it!!!!

Marv said...

Luck is the juncture of preparation and opportunity. Sounds like you will be prepared and the opportunity is right here in Texas. Best wishes.

Henryk Longin Rogowski said...

Interested. I greet..

100% said...


kizzy said...

I believe that commitment In it's simplest definition, it is "a pledge to do."

--kizzy vibram

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The daily said...

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The Independent Rage said...

Blast Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" immediately before the event, and you'll be ready.

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Oliver Puch said...

I hope your training program will help you to get better results! (:

Best Wishes From Denmark

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scheng said...

Hope you succeed. Just remember to eat well, and eat enough. No point denying nutrients to your body.

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Leah said...

commitments are hard in general however you'll kill it I have no doubt

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